I've been asking new clients and old regulars to write some words about their experience of their treatment/s with me. Although the treatments I offer are called massages; people often realise after their first session that it's not quite the right label. It might be clearer to say energy balancing treatment or bodywork. The session works on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It's almost like an MOT for the body which impacts all layers of body/mind/spirit.

LEONARDO (East Ham, political analyst/writer)
"After a full-on week, my body was feeling more like a bag full of quarrelling cats than a coherent ensemble. Rachel's delicate strength and welcoming openness truly restored some harmony between them. I left the session brimming with newfound togetherness and a prodigious appetite."

AVRILLE (East London, book editor)
"I was lucky enough to experience a 90 minute Thai massage with Rachel of London Fields Thai Massage, which was completely wonderful and relaxing while it was going on and left me feeling emotional and exhausted afterwards, then very clear and open for days. Drink lots of water afterwards, it is very deep and quite draining."

MARK (London, senior lecturer in performing arts)
"I feel energised today; like my feet, hands and skin have woken up. An urge towards action not introspection. Softer and more resilient. Less brittle. Spacious inside."

MIRIAM (East Ham, teaching assistant)
"Rachel is warm, welcoming, generous. She is a great therapist and her practice took me into a journey of discovery and new connection with my body. I have a back problem, so I go for a massage everytime I need a little help and every time I leave I feel lighter, calmer and rejuvenated. The massage itself is very different from anything else I have experienced before especially because it involves not only your whole body but also the whole therapist's body which gives the massage a beautiful sense of holistic completeness. Rachel's touch is soft but firm, reassuring but decisive and I always feel I can trust she will understand what my body needs. Highly, highly recommended." 

SARA (Dalston, PhD student)
"I go to see Rachel for a massage every time I feel something in me is so out of balance that I can't redress it by myself. Personal practice is important to me, and so is self-reliance. But there are times when we need the touch of others, metaphorically and literally too! Rachel's touch is special. She takes the body to a journey in which she is the gentle yet unshakeable guide. When I lie on her mat I can finally let go, in full confidence that she is holding me and helping me. Rachel's massage, to me, is fearless. And whether I need to relax, to energize, to be reassured, or to be encouraged, it always happens. Of course, any tension and pain are also released. But more deeply, it is the connection that gives me new energy and hope each time."

SARAH (Victoria Park, publisher and yoga teacher)
"I have been having regular Thai Massages with Rachel for 3 years now. They are a wonderful experience and I always feel deeply rejuvenated afterwards. The actual experience of the massage is always wonderful, and I really enjoy being able to take this time out for myself and to completely surrender to the treatment. Rachel always make me feel completely relaxed and safe, and as a result I can always fully relax and let my body be moved by her. I always trust her to do the right thing. I would really recommend Thai Massages as a great way to deeply relax, to re-balance emotionally and mentally and also to deal with specific aches and pains in the body. If I could afford it, I would have one every week!"

ISOBEL (London Fields)
"Rachel, your massage was so gratefully received. Thanks so much. I found the experience really amazing, I enjoyed every minute. I loved how you used and gently manipulated the movement of my limbs within my joints to stretch and massage them. It felt very different to sports massage, more sensitive, holistic and really stress-relieving. You were a pleasure to deal with, and a very soothing presence throughout."

NADIA (London Fields)
"Hi Rachel, I absolutely loved the treatment. I have never had Thai massage before and found the treatment very therapeutic. It felt very holistic - a real treat for body and soul! I also found your manner so lovely. Anna Rose, Annabel and I all said that you were so very good at putting us at ease. Your warmth and interest was tremendously engaging. I felt very soothed talking to you, while receiving the treatment and left feeling relaxed, nurtured and uplifted. Being pregnant, it felt all the better. I can be guilty of getting a tad stressed but your treatment really helped me to free my mind of anxieties and it felt as though it had done something good for my bubba as well as myself. I would love to book in for another treatment soon!"

KAREN (Tower Hamlets, life coach)
"After only a few minutes into the massage I could sense the tension from the day just flowing out of my body and into Rachel’s hands. I could also feel my eye lids becoming softer and softer as Rachel continued to massage my feet. I very much liked her pace and amount of pressure she applied; not too hard and not too soft, just right. She is the sort of person who seems to know what one needs and likes without having to ask; just by tuning into one’s body"

SALLY (Barnes, fashion retailer)
"I had a foot massage with Rachel, what a great experience. Totally relaxing and also energising. By treating the feet, the whole body benefits. I cannot recommend this treatment highly enough! A truly good experience."

CHRIS (Barnes, independent consultant)
"I've just had my second foot massage with Rachel and can't wait for the next! Today I had a short (half hour) session, but it brought me to a similar state of bliss than the first, longer session! So whether you're looking for a short or longer treatment, your feet are definitely in safe hands with Rachel. You won't regret it."

DORA (Wirral, retired, aged 83)
"Painful to start with, but then it eased off and was very soothing. Now I need to take a nap!"

SO-MEI (Leyton, reflexologist)
"My foot massage with Rachel was absolutely amazing!! Truly blissful and being a reflexologist myself, I can genuinely and honestly say, it was one of the best foot massages I have had! Rachel is a lovely, bright and skillful therapist! I would definitely recommend a foot massage with her."

SARAH (Hackney, hairdresser)
"Thanks Rachel for my neck and shoulder 1/2 hour Thai massage. Was just what I needed after yoga and giving up my 6 year business to have a more peaceful life. Perfect start. Went home and had a bath!!! Bliss!!! Great afternoon."

ESTHER (Hackney, dancer and pilates teacher)
"I totally loved it and it feels really special to be moved and stretched by another body's movements. Like a dance together! It feels safe, comforting and very organic. I was so relaxed and energised at the same time after."

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Lori said...

Rachel is an incredibly gifted and intuitive body worker. We love having her at the Towpath--not only for our own reenergising but because of she has the uncanny ability to give each person she sees exactly what they need. Thank you dear Rachel!!