Sunday, 27 February 2011


"Because of the interrelatedness of all things, the physical body can be seen as a reflection of the mind. Therapy can be body-centered in the sense of using the body as a royal road to the unconscious." Johanson and Kurtz

Yoga & Meditation with Angelika at YOGA PLACE: Saturday 5th March, 3pm to 5pm

How can I slow down?

How can I bring more stability into my life?

How can I be less affected by life's constant demands?

How can I simply enjoy the lightness of being?

This day will include some simple practical HATHA YOGA to open the body and prepare it for sitting, followed by simple Pranayama (breathing techniques) to prepare the mind for sitting and stillness, concluding with an introduction to SIMPLE MEDITATION TECHNIQUES. This is an introduction to the very practical and effective method of meditation in the style of the HIMALAYAN TRADITION. This tradition employs relaxation, focus on the breath and very simple universal mantra techniques to lead the student towards a still, clear and relaxed mind. £20 for your first session, by donation for all subsequent sessions. Experience: Open to all, no previous experience necessary.