Tuesday, 27 September 2011


"The truth about our childhood is 
stored up in our body, and although
we can repress it, we can never 
alter it. Our intellect can be 
deceived, our feelings manipulated,
our perceptions confused, and our 
body tricked with medication. But 
someday, the body will present its 
bill, for it is incorruptible as a 
child who, still in whole spirit, 
will accept no compromises or 
excuses, and it will not stop 
tormenting us until we stop evading
the truth."
Alice Miller, Psychologist and author

Monday, 26 September 2011


On a recent trip to Berlin, staying at a friend's flat I was greeted unexpectedly by a paper airplane one morning on the balcony. It was sweet and surprising considering that my friends live on the top floor of a mansion block. It seemed like a reminder to me to play and a message from a far off place I seemed to have forgotten.

I have to admit that my own energy or life-force has felt stuck for a while now, like I have forgotten what real happiness is somehow; and then today something lifted, something magic happened and I can feel that balance and renewal and creative energy are stirring once again. Sometimes this new energy can come so unexpectedly like the paper airplane arriving as if from nowhere.

So my urge to share this here and to remind you all to keep the faith and to keep striving towards health and vitality, balance and renewal. They are such precious commodities during these shifting times.