Monday, 5 March 2012


As we begin to feel the change of season from winter to spring we can sense an excitement and anticipation for longer and warmer days. We may also feel tired and rundown during this time and not quite ready to say goodbye to the hibernation of these last few months. 

Our bodies and spirits might well be yearning for some therapeutic touch to help with the energetic transition and give a nice caring boost to our stagnant systems. Thai Massage focuses on energy line work using body weight and simple stretches; it physically and energetically compliments a yoga practice and can be just what the seasonal doctor ordered. 

On SUNDAY 1ST APRIL Rachel will be welcoming in the SPRING ENERGY on APRIL FOOL'S DAY by offering an afternoon introductory workshop in simple THAI MASSAGE techniques focusing on NURTURING CONNECTION + RESTORATIVE TOUCH at the YOGA SHALA of Pam Norman within easy reach of Hackney Central and London Fields.

We will follow a gentle and flowing sequence in the side-lying position; suitable as a nurturing mini-treatment for friends and family. The sequence will include energy line work and some introductory shoulder and heart-opening stretches and twists. 

The SHALA is cosy and intimate with room for 6 to 8 students so please book with Pam as soon as possible.

Date: Sunday 1st April 2012
Time: 2:00pm to 5:30pm
Cost: £30 per student
Address: 28 Strand Building, 29 Urswick Road, London E9 6DW