Thursday, 16 February 2012


Something in the air today tells me that spring is coming; I can feel it sneaking around the corner waiting to say "hello" and infuse us with its cheerfulness and energy. 

One of my massage clients today reminded me of the power of London's ability to have a communally felt mood. She is here from Berlin for a long weekend and says she could immediately feel the tension and anxiety of London. For her there is nowhere quite like London that has such a sense of collective mood. This observation helped me to relax in myself and remember that the tension felt isn't always as personal as we might think it is. This perspective brings some comfort somehow when anxiety and worry comes creeping in.

My theme for these early months of 2012 is SURRENDER and it seems like a good one to continue with in the coming weeks as we begin to come out from our hibernation. My clients seem to warm to the theme and emerge from their treatment feeling a sense of release and clarity which helps them to take a fresh step and look at their lives. 

In keeping with this theme I am extending my SPECIAL OFFERS and will be welcoming NEW CLIENTS until the end of March with a £10 off deal.

60 minute sessions will be £40 instead of £50
90 minute sessions will be £55 instead of £65
120 minute sessions will be £70 instead of £80

If you pay in advance for 3 or more sessions I am offering some special deals so please feel free to ask me when you book yourself a massage. Some people find this can be a good way of committing to a more therapeutic series of treatments.

From April onwards I will be revising my 90 minute and 120 minute treatment fees. My 60 minute rate will remain at £50.

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