Monday, 23 January 2012

Opening The Heart

One of my great wishes over the past few years has been to open my heart more and more to the world around me; to be more alive and more expressive in connection to friends, family and the people who I meet in my day to day life. 

As an early teenager I developed low level breathing restrictions which later manifested as physical tension in my chest, upper back, neck and shoulders. 

These tensions and bodily patterns have been amazing teachers for me and have actually guided me into the world of communication, mediation, therapeutic touch and massage. I have also learnt over time through breathing techniques, meditation, yoga and massage practice, how patterns of anxiety and tension can keep us from opening our hearts as much as we might want to. The beautiful thing is that we can actually change our patterns and ways of dealing with life events which reduces the tension and pain in our body, heart and mind. 

On Saturday 18th February Rachel will be offering a 3 hour introductory workshop in simple THAI MASSAGE techniques focusing on OPENING THE HEART at the London Fields Yoga centre around the corner from London Fields Thai Massage

We will follow a simple sequence which everyone can offer to friends and family. This includes energy line work on the arms and some introductory shoulder opening stretches; as well as some more dynamic yoga-style heart opening moves. We will have some time for a chat over tea after the class as well.

The workshop is hosted by Elizabeth at London Fields Yoga in her cosy intimate space. We will only have room for 6 to 8 students so please book with Elizabeth as soon as possible.

Date: Saturday 18th February
Time: 2:00pm to 5:00pm
Cost: £25 per student

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