Monday, 30 April 2012

Heavenly Herbal Healing

 For some reason it's one of those weeks when I'm feeling inspired to dig out my bag of herbal compresses from northern Thailand.

Perhaps it's the moody murky drizzly weather which makes it feel just the right time to get steaming and offer something extra special to my clients this week.

Actually I've really been enjoying this grey wet weather as it's offered all of us busy Londoners the perfect excuse to just stay at home and get cosy and rest. We need rest more than we think in this big city.

With this in mind and a specific client with some persistent aches and pains I'm really looking forward to getting the steamer working on Friday afternoon and infusing my small flat with smells from far away places.   

I am currently available for sessions on Fridays and Saturdays and occasionally evening slots on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays depending on how busy my week is.

£25 for 30 minutes (taster)
£50 for 60 minutes
£65 for 90 minutes
£80 for 120 minutes

Special offers and gift vouchers available; please enquire for details. Check the clinic page for more details on pricing, location and how to book.

Looking forward to a month of May full of love, relaxation and bountiful energy.

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