Friday, 4 May 2012


It's been a beautiful day today in spite of the grey skies and unfriendly winter temperatures! Fridays at the moment have a loose and creative feel; there's an unknown but gentle quality to them and I like this way of ending my week; although it's not really the end of my working week I can feel the Friday energy in the air. 

My client this evening spoke about what a Thai Massage treatment touches in her. She described quite eloquently how it connects her with parts of herself that she had completely forgotten about; and through this connection some deeper softening and letting go is able occur. 

It seems so beautiful to me that something so simple as another person's touch can help us to connect more deeply with ourselves. Of course it's good for us to find our own inner strength and an ability to take care of ourselves but actually our connection with each other is also something to be respected and treasured. We sometimes forget how helpful and transformative the presence and touch of another can be.

With regret we are now unable to go ahead with the workshop on 20th May as planned, due to unforeseen changes in regard to the venue. 

I am hoping to offer this same workshop on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon on 9/10th June or 16th/17th June. Please keep in touch and do let me know if you would like to be on the "interested list". You can email


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